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rescue: CBRN protection

CBRN protection without compromise: Customised technologies for a safe environment

Protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazardous substances (CBRN protection) is crucial in today's emergency response, especially with regard to preventing the spread of contamination. 

Whether in the event of fires, hazardous goods accidents, incidents in chemical plants or nuclear facilities, animal epidemics or infectious incidents - protective measures against hazardous and harmful substances are essential. 

Recent studies and disaster experiences emphasise the urgent need for solutions for immediate decontamination and emergency site hygiene at the emergency site, even in the case of supra-regional operations and damaged infrastructure.

deconta is leading CBRN protection into the future with protection systems specially customised to the area of application.

Our focus extends across the following areas

  • Fire brigade
  • Police
  • Veterinary and healthcare
  • THW
  • Aid organisations
  • Civil defence and disaster control
  • Military
  • Laboratories, industry and research institutes.

With mobile and stationary system solutions, we enable fast and safe decontamination of personnel, equipment and casualties.